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Jamie Williams Lecture May 2023

The President, Stephen Brown, opened the evening reminding the 26 members in attendance that the next date of the 28th of June is competition night. There will be two categories, one for close up and another for parlour/stage performances. Each performance to be between 8-10 minutes with a disqualification after an additional 10 seconds. A separate new trophy will be awarded for each category and applications to enter need to be made known to Steve Grundy, who will also officiate the evening and distribute the rules of the competition beforehand. So please contact Steve.

Clive Moore announced that Derby Magic Circle will be helping to raise money for the Rainbows Charity again on the 3rd June, with performances by several members of the society. Entry is £10 and all welcome, including family and friends.

Stephen then introduced Jamie Williams who is an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle and has been asked to lecture several times for them at the world famous Magic Circle in London.

Jamie has won several awards and consulted for multiple television shows, also performing on radio. He also works alongside some of the biggest magic companies. Winning the Penguin trick of the year with ‘Sticker Kicker’ in 2022.

He then went on to talk about his magic style and the way something is presented being the real magic of the trick. Demonstrating and discussing a variety of his tricks that he has invented or improved. Many questions from members including asking how he comes up with his ideas, he admitted that he didn’t focus on coming up with a new trick, but just got ideas from everyday life and work, that he will then see what he can do with that to develop that idea. Some evolving over 15 years before seeing the light of day commercially.

Involving the audience in many of his tricks including, Sticker Kicker, a funny routine with Kung Fu Kap to manage maybe an audience member that is being a pain, in this case Tim, who was spinning around at one stage. Celebrikey, another visionary idea from his shed key.

He is a great example of how a simple idea or principle can play so big, with some the materials so easy to make if you wished for yourself. A brilliant demonstration of how the careful choice of words can have a huge impact on an audience, to close the lecture.

The President thanked Jamie for an entertaining and enlightening evening, to a warm applause for Jamie. A deal to purchase either individual tricks, or the complete ensemble for half price was snapped up by several members.

A reminder to all members to regularly visit the Derby Magic Circle website for upcoming news and events, including anyone who wishes to sell any magic, or indeed buy other members magic, there is a section in the Members only area of the website and to contact the Secretary Steve Grundy, so they can be advertised.

A very entertaining and well-planned lecture by Jamie, with something for everyone, to remember or new tricks to work on.

Stephen Brown.


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