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DMC Club Meeting: 25th January 2023

28 Members and guests assembled for the scheduled club night and to attend the

Lecture by David Penn. Although there were guests from Blackburn, Huddersfield and Nottingham, it was disappointing that more did not attend for such a nationally known professional magician.

The President opened the proceedings by asking the membership to use the new website at least once each week to ensure DMC entry was listed as high as possible. This was to ensure correct identification of our site and avoid, as far as possible, any confusion with a similar entry.

Doug continued to announce that the next lecturer for the February meeting would be Rod Mogg from Northern Ireland. Rod is a professional Pick Pocket Performer and comes highly recommended as a very good and knowledgeable Lecturer and well worth the effort to come and see him.

Doug also had the pleasant task of presenting the DMC Award for the Most Improved Member and this year it went to Ben Fowler. (Congratulations Ben!)

Image: Ben Fowler with his Award

Then came the main event of the evening. Doug introduced our Guest Lecturer as a very special magician and such a pleasure to welcome him to Derby. He is, not only one of the best performing magicians in this Country but has a wonderful magical inventive brain.

David Penn commenced by saying what he offered was not necessary the correct ways and means but what works for him. He explained that the vast majority of his work was large corporate dinners with individual tables. He indicated the most difficult part of his presentation was approaching and introducing himself at the individual tables.

David spent some time explaining his various practical methods and immediately involving the audience. He moved into his liquid metal fork bending routine which he suggested was an ideal opener that immediately involved the whole table and gave good eye contact, essential for further involvement with the rest of the presentation. David travelled through a raft of practical professional magic which was not only wonderful to watch but extremely good magic to perform. Items of note were cap in bottle, visiting card prediction and a bending wine glass routine he performed at a private party for our past Queen.

All these effects offered an opportunity to leave a keep sake item for the assistant as a reminder for future business. He also included lots of presentational business for assisting many familiar effects and routines such as Cups and Ball and the use of magnets and the ramifications of eye focusing.

The whole lecture presentation was highly professional, practical, well thought out and very enjoyable to watch. As expected, David did brisk business with his dealership business after his presentation. Resulting with a pleased and well satisfied audience to ponder on their way home.



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