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Derby Magic Circle: Presidents Dinner 2022

The 6th November 2022 saw 77 Members and Guests assemble at the Mickleover Golf Club for the Presidents Dinner. The proceedings commenced at 7-30pm prompt with a delicious three course meal cooked and served by the resident caterers.

Doug Gregg, as President thanked the Members and Guests for their attendance and discussed the proceedings. He also continued to give special emphasis to the guest entertainers, namely Oliver Tabor, the President of The International Brotherhood of Magicians, British Ring no 25. He indicated Oliver was in the process of taking his magic show of the West End Leicester Square Theatre, on a Country Tour. He wished him every luck in his venture and expressed our fortune in him being able to spare the time to attend our event.

The President continued to then thanked Brian Sefton, the internationally acclaimed manipulator, for kindly accepting our invitation to perform for us. Brian had travelled all the way from Preston to be with us this evening.

Jack Dent was the next on the list of entertainers for this evening to be singled out. Jack was no stranger to the D M C as he was a past member but now living in Shrewsbury. The President congratulated Jack on his recent production of a healthy baby boy with his wife Sarah, who, unfortunately could not be with us this evening.

Although, not entertaining this evening, Doug highlighted a special guest attending this evening. No other than the literal right-hand man of television`s own little teddy bear “Sooty” Richard Cadell. Doug expressed his appreciation for Richard`s attendance especially as he would be starting rehearsals for Pantomime the very next day. Later, Richard introduced “Sooty” to draw the raffle, to the joy of the entire audience.

The award presentation was the next on the agender, with a commemorative book being presented to the past President, Steve Grundy. This was followed by the award for the best contribution to the Circle`s operations for the year, awarded to Stephen Brown. The most improve magician went to Ben Fowler and the winner of the Close-Up competition Tim Green.

There was then a short break whilst the stage was set for the evenings show.

Jack opened the show with a very slick professional performance of ropes, rings, cains and silks and was very much appreciated by the audience. Brian continued the high standard, with a silk vanish to a real egg, finishing with cut and restored rope followed by a jumbo card selection.

Oliver, closed the show with a wonderful bubble routine followed by an amusing dancing silk effect. A highly polished professional presentation suitable to grace any theatre stage.

Clive, who was the Master of Ceremonies, linked the evening together admirably and closed the evening, wishing everyone a safe journey home.



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