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Derby Magic Circle 1974-2024: 50 Years Celebration

On the 14th February we began celebrating our 50th Anniversary with a lecture from Matthew Wright which was his final lecture in the UK, and it was a treat.

Stephen Brown welcomed Matthew and the members to the evening, at the Victory Club in Derby, which was a great dramatic ambiance that Matthew likes to create. Not only to engage the audience, but to explain how he makes them own the magic with prompts, rather than be presented the magic.

On the 28th February we saw Sean Goodman visit us at Breadsall to entertain and present his style of magic, which is both common sense and practical to perform, and for which he is well known.

We also had our 50th Anniversary celebration cake which Allan Humphries kindly organised for us.

Thank you to all that could attend especially Allan Humphries for making sure everything was as it should be for a special night for everyone.


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