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Time is TBC


Breadsall Memorial Hall

Rodd Hogg Lecture

Due to a situation outside our control the Lecture by Rodd Hogg will be rescheduled for later in the year.

Rodd Hogg Lecture
Rodd Hogg Lecture

Time & Location

Time is TBC

Breadsall Memorial Hall, Breadsall, Derby, UK

About the event

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Rodd Hogg; I’m a full time professional magician and pickpocket of 10 years, from Northern Ireland.

Only last year, I started lecturing on pickpocketing at magic clubs throughout the UK. My first lecture was at The Mahatma Club in Liverpool last May (2022). It was a nerve wracking experience, but one that I loved. Off the back of that and only 2 days later I was booked to lecture at The Magic Circle in London, in November, after which I was awarded AIMC with Silver Star. In between I lectured at Manchester, Coventry, Bolton, Belfast, Paisley, and I’m due to lecture at Edinburgh and Leeds in the next few weeks, and also Blackpool Magicians Club later this year.

Rodd Hogg is a full time professional magician and pickpocket.

In his lecture Rodd will teach 4 steals that you can and will do. The phone, the bankcard, the wallet, and the watch.

All steals are broken down and simplified, and work in pretty much every working environment, from tables, to walk-around, to stage.

As a bonus, Rodd will teach pickpocket routines. Real reputation makers, and again they are something you will use.

Along with the steals you will learn the most important thing about being a pickpocket, the soft skills. These ensure a 100% success rate.

After seeing this lecture, you will be the pickpocket.

Here’s what James Freedman had to say:

"Rodd Hogg makes his living as a pickpocket. After you hear his story about the first time he stole a watch and the sheer joy and exhilaration he felt, you’ll want to know how you can pickpocket too. You’ll need two things; the right attitude and lots of practice. In his brand new lecture, Rodd generously shares all his know-how on both.

…and if you ever find yourself in possession of stolen keys, sitting uninsured in the driving seat of an expensive car you don’t own, with the engine running and wondering what to do next… you’ll be very glad you saw Rodd’s lecture Freedman ‘The Man of Steal’."

Also endorsed by David Penn at his lecture at Derby on 25th January 2023.

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